Our Services

Reveal’s end-to-end platform was created by operations people for operations people to deliver the most comprehensive technology and consultation solutions available in the market. With applications that improve satisfaction, productivity, and cost efficiencies, our solutions enhance your operation from the bottom up.

About Reveal

Based out of Overland Park, Kansas, Reveal Management Services, Inc. is an end-to-end transit scheduling software company. Our software development and contract management solutions are focused on improving the efficiency of transportation operations, cultivating overall performance, and increasing productivity. Our solutions achieve these goals while reducing operational costs and costs associated with labor through our unmatched services and software.

Reveal was founded in 2018. We remain a privately held and operated company to this day and are focused on providing industry-leading software solutions. Our technology provides tools for public transit agencies, as well as non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) providers and other private companies that offer transportation services directly to passengers.

Transit Scheduling Software Solutions that Adapt to Your Needs

Created by our operations people specifically for your operations people, the Reveal technology platform is user-friendly and intuitive, and offers solutions that solve problems that other similar platforms simply can’t. Delivering personalized technology solutions is our focus. We consistently deliver value to transit operations of all sizes: small agencies, large agencies, and privatized contractors. Based upon our proprietary Workflow applications, Reveal is a simple solution that increases efficiencies, enhances productivity, and allows transit operations to deliver the most cost efficient transit service possible. The Reveal technology suite can be applied to nearly any type of transportation service: NEMT, fixed route operations, and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) paratransit services.

Our Vision and Mission

Reveal’s overall vision is simple: always provide the best quality software solutions and services to our partners and clients. As part of this vision, we strive to be the prime provider and first choice for agencies and other potential partners seeking reliable technology platforms.

Our mission is three-fold:

  • Deliver to our clients proven technology resources that meet their individual needs
  • Offer an unmatched level of support and expertise
  • Always deliver significant return on investment (ROI)

To achieve our mission, we focus on:

  • Creating customized, strategic solutions for increasing cost efficiency
  • Collaborating directly with our clients to develop creative solutions
  • Producing results-oriented solutions that revolve around quality and speed
  • Delivering a constant network of support for our clients and staff
  • Always ensuring an excellent, supportive work environment for our team
  • Focusing on integrity, respect, innovation, and honesty in our work with staff, business partners, and clients
  • Anticipating and focusing on meeting the needs of the future

Meet Reveal’s Industry-Leading Leadership

Reveal’s day-to-day operations are guided by our expert leadership team. Our founders each have decades of experience in transportation operations management. This experience and expertise guides our focus and allows us to truly comprehend the individual challenges faced by the organizations we serve—organizations that provide fixed route, ADA paratransit, deviated fixed route/demand response, and NEMT.

Scott Schoessel, Reveal’s President and CEO, has more than 36 of experience in professional transportation operations. Scott founded Reveal in 2008, and has since grown the company to serve clients nationwide. In doing so, he focuses on ensuring the Reveal platform consistently goes above and beyond our clients’ expectations. Scott works side-by-side with our clients to develop collaborative solutions for their needs, create operational guidelines and processes, and demonstrate how our products truly work to improve our client’s needs. Providing oversight of all Reveal operations, Scott delivers the direction and vision for company priorities.

Mike Wade is Reveal’s Chief Operating Officer. He joined our team at our inception in 2008, bringing with him more than 21 years of experience in transportation management, transit software design, and overall technology development. Using this expertise, he consistently ensures Reveal’s solutions and resources maintain speed with the exponential and consistent growth of the transit industry. To do so, he always focuses on driving Reveal’s approach to innovation and infrastructure. In particular, Mike leads the design process, development, and configuration of the Reveal application suite.

In addition to Scott and Mike’s unparalleled leadership and expertise is support from Medical Transportation Management, Inc. (MTM). MTM is the nation’s leading NEMT broker, founded in 1995. In 2017, MTM acquired Reveal. Combining their joined forces, MTM and Reveal now offer a wide variety of clients access to our full-service platform for all their transportation management needs.

Why Choose Reveal?

Reveal’s proven history of delivering industry leading results speaks for itself. For more than 10 years, we have given our clients access to the best technology solutions for NEMT, ADA paratransit, and fixed route services. Our platform in customizable to meet the needs of every type of transportation system. We remain proud of our background, history of reliability, ability to provide cost savings, and our focus on continual improvement and return on investment. Join our clients nationwide in experiencing the difference Reveal can bring to your transit operation.