Reveal’s non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) software is the most user-friendly, competitively priced, and dependable technology platform on the market today. We offer more to NEMT providers than any other widely available software solution.

The Reveal platform improves the efficiency of trip entry and scheduling and is specifically designed to provide flexibility while also cutting the costs of NEMT operations. Our dynamic routing, scheduling, and dispatching (RSD) technology works in real-time, allowing for quick adjustments and on-demand updates. We know your driver schedules are always changing to fit the needs of the passengers you serve. This can make it a challenge to create effective routes after the day has started, as cancellations and will-calls require a change of plan—and therefore a change of schedule.

Reveal’s transportation management software serves modern-day medical transportation issues. We help NEMT providers by simplifying the scheduling process, amplifying your efficiencies, and offering competitive pricing models. As a NEMT provider, creating effective and real-time trip scheduling, dispatching, and tracking is essential for the satisfaction of every stakeholder you serve—most important, your passengers.

Why Reveal?

Reveal is tailored to meet the needs of all NEMT operations, and our unique RSD technology allows transportation providers to increase the reliability and flexibility of your NEMT service. Our NEMT software is easy to use, reliable, and cost-conscious so you can focus on delivering the best service possible. We’re available for inquiries about software pricing, quotes, or to answer any questions you may have.

Reveal has more than a decade of experience supplying NEMT providers with reliable, innovative technology solutions, and the track record to back it up. Our history of delivering results to clients proves Reveal is flexible and can meet the needs of a diverse audience. How can your company benefit from Reveal? Let us Reveal the difference to you:


Cost Savings

By improving procedures, routes, and implementing service monitoring, our clients see, on average, a 20% cost reduction.


Improved Routes

Our real-time GPS tracking uses Google Maps, allowing us to ensure the most effective routes are calculated while also helping dispatchers stay up to date with on-demand traffic information.


Customer Service

Reveal’s customer care line is unrivaled, available for issue resolution 24/7/365. We also offer online refresher training as needed, as well as quarterly forums and annual satisfaction surveys.


Increased Ridership

Our flexibility and reliability result in increased trust from passengers, your biggest asset. When you decrease uncertainty and apprehension, you see an increase in ridership.

Customized, Flexible Solutions

It is vital that NEMT software be customizable and intuitive for each and every NEMT provider, providing value and flexibility to our NEMT platform. These features were both of the utmost importance to our team when we were brainstorming and developing our comprehensive NEMT dispatch software. Our goal was to make Reveal as flexible, user-friendly, and affordably priced as possible in order to satisfy a wide range of potential clients.

The Reveal platform offers a complete, all-inclusive suite of non-emergency medical transportation software solutions. We incorporate our vibrant routing, scheduling, and dispatching to transportation clients offering local and nationwide transportation services. Our RSD technology has been proven successful for transportation organizations, of all sizes, all across the country! We’ve teamed up with MTM and their leading brokerage model to bring you software that has been designed precisely to meet the needs of NEMT organizations of any size, in any location.

MTM has more than 20 years of expertise in the NEMT industry, including out of the box thinking and creative NEMT solutions, as well as being one of the largest NEMT brokers in the nation. Working together, Reveal created our RSD software for the NEMT broker, making it completely customizable for each individual client. Features like enhanced scheduling and dispatch allow for increased route efficiency, GPS responsiveness delivers improved location accuracy, user-friendly interface streamlines trip entry and conflict resolution, simplified claims and billing allows for quick data retrieval, plus mobile app technologies improve the overall transportation experience. Our unparalleled features make Reveal an easy choice for any client, and our competitive NEMT pricing helps us reach as many clients as possible. We have more to offer NEMT brokers than any other software solution available.

Software Levels

In order for Reveal to effectively meet the needs of your organization, we suggest one of our three levels of functionality: Direct, Plus, and Enterprise. Each level is completely customizable to your individual needs and offers functions that assist in effectively managing schedules, trips, and programs. Reveal delivers cutting edge technology to your operation, as well as the enhanced capability to provide premium transportation service to your passengers. Regardless of which level you select, your organization will receive comprehensive benefits and unmatched customer service that will have a positive influence on your employees, riders and bottom line.