Reveal reduced RIPTA’s daily taxi trips by 31%, equating to annual savings exceeding $350,000


With two Rhode Island locations in Providence and Newport, the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) operates fixed route, paratransit, flexible route, and park and ride services in 34 of the state’s 39 communities. RIPTA sought to implement intuitive transit software capable of providing key metrics while increasing the agency’s ability to schedule and provide additional trips, enhance the passenger experience with better on-time performance (OTP), improve data collection and accuracy, and introduce better reporting capabilities.


After our initial operations assessment, Reveal analyzed the run-cut being operated by RIPTA and compared it to actual paratransit demand. We then replaced the route structure, completed a new run-cut based on historical data, developed better grouping efforts, and generated better automation of driveable schedules for drivers. Additionally, we collaborated with RIPTA staff to coordinate even better grouping opportunities based on their knowledge of their passengers and service area, using this workshop to stagger group pick-up times and avoid congestion. Using Reveal’s Workflow application for all scheduling, dispatching, and reporting functions provides RIPTA with optimal technology that increases on-time performance and productivity.


Using the Reveal platform, along with our scheduling and same-day dispatch services for the RIde program, RIPTA has exceeded their goals of providing quality customer service and achieving greater operational control at a lower cost. Reveal’s technology made an immediate positive impact in customer service and financial responsibility by improving on-time performance and productivity while decreasing deadhead miles and average trip length.

The key benefits Reveal introduced to RIPTA include:

  • An emphasis on quality customer service with fewer complaints
  • 5% decrease in average miles per trip
  • 6% decrease in overall driver paid hours while simultaneously increasing daily trips by 5%
  • 31% reduction of daily taxi-provided trips, equating to annual savings of more than $350,000

Due to the success RIPTA has had utilizing the Reveal platform and our Workflow model in their RIde and Flex transportation services, the agency is exploring the possibility of expanding this new model to other transit services. RIPTA was pleased with the smooth implementation of Reveal and seamless conversion from their legacy software system.


Every technology company promised the same thing, but none of them could perform what they promised. We needed next generation software and quality assurance tools, and Reveal is the next generation software we were looking for. Changing software in the paratransit environment can be very challenging and stressful. Working with the Reveal team while implementing Reveal’s Technology and Workflow processes has been very supportive and truly a team effort.

- Mark Therrien, RIPTA Assistant General Manager