Reveal achieved 98%+ on-time performance with JCT


Johnson County Transit (JCT), a department of the Johnson County, Kansas government, provides transportation services in a county southwest of downtown Kansas City, Missouri. JCT offers suburban commuter services, flex routes, sheltered workshop services, and paratransit services to county residents. In selecting a new transit technology partner, JCT had four main goals: increase the ability to schedule and provide more trips; enhance the passenger experience with better on-time performance (OTP); improve data collection and accuracy; and boost overall reporting.


Following a thorough assessment and analysis of JCT’s transit operations, Reveal found several areas where the agency could benefit from our streamlined technology platform. We applied our technology to many aspects of JCT’s operations, and Reveal is now used for all customer service, reservation, scheduling, dispatching, and reporting activities. Additionally, we designed new Workflow processes and direct oversight of operations, including:

  • Replacing the route structure
  • Completing new run-cuts based on historical data
  • Developing better grouping efforts, inclusive of contacting riders to adjust pick-up times for enhanced opportunities
  • Generating better automation of driveable schedules for drivers
  • Incorporating a new driver bid model


To this day, Johnson County Transit continues to experience great success with Reveal’s technology suite and Workflow model solution. The key benefits Reveal introduced to JCT include:

  • Greater operational control
  • An emphasis on quality customer service with less complaints
  • GPS-verified OTP in excess of 98%, with some days at 100%
  • GPS-verified productivity of 2.12 rides per service hour, a 27% increase
  • GPS-verified productivity of 2.62 rides per revenue hour, a 23% increase
  • 5% increase in ridership, due to better customer service


In years past, software implementation or upgrades were anything but smooth. However, our implementation with Reveal was about as seamless as they get. They promised what they would deliver and delivered what they promised. It was a great experience. Since utilizing Reveal, JCT has largely increased productivity, and our OTP has increased to 98-99% daily with some 100% days. We’ve never worked with a company that cares about the riders as they do.

- Chuck Ferguson, Johnson County Transit Deputy Transportation Director