The Intuitive Transit Technology Platform

Simplifying NEMT through technology:

  1. Streamlined routing, scheduling, and dispatching
  2. GPS tracking for all stakeholders
  3. Driver and member mobile apps
  4. Facility web portal
  5. Real-time visibility and transparency into trip performance
  6. Actionable, proactive data

Are you tired of static, hard-to-use software systems that frustrate your staff? Reveal has the solution for you!

Our intuitive platform offers real-time scheduling and results, including real-time maps of your drivers on the road. Plus, because it is so intuitive and easy-to-use, your agency will benefit from reduced staff training time and turnover. Let us Reveal the difference to you.

Feature Highlights

  1. Real-Time Data & Scheduling
  2. Google Map Integration
  3. Proactive Communication & Notifications

Real-Time Data at Your Fingertips

Is your current transit technology solution lacking in real-time data and reporting capabilities? Reveal offers an intuitive platform that provides dashboards and KPIs that are truly useful. With Reveal, you can pull real-time data like:Screens

  • On-time performance with time stamps
  • No-shows
  • Dwell time
  • Trips by customer and location
  • Revenue miles

Feature Highlights

  1. On-time Performance
  2. Dwell time
  3. Trips by customer and location
  4. Revenue miles

Geolocation: Find your drivers quickly!

Reveal—the system that offers mapping and geocoding that integrates with Google Maps—gives your schedulers and management team the ability to view your agency’s entire fleet at once. Pinpoint specific vehicle locations and quickly identify vehicles at risk for running late. Reassign those trips to another available vehicle to ensure your operations run smoothly, and keep your passengers satisfied.

Feature Highlights

  1. Google Map integration
  2. View your entire fleet
  3. Re-assign and edit trips in real-time
  4. Create custom locations

Real-Time Scheduling Made Easy

Looking for a technology platform that makes trip scheduling easy? With Reveal, your schedulers can easily manipulate scheduling metrics, and visualize the results of those metrics in real-time. No more guessing if the proposed schedule will actually work—our platform takes all factors into account, resulting in reliable schedules.

Feature Highlights

  1. Easy metric manipulation
  2. Results in real-time
  3. Adjustable features
  4. Driver messaging

Complaint Resolution Simplified

When your agency receives a passenger complaint, is tracking down trip details a difficult task? With the Reveal transit technology platform, breadcrumbs link each trip milestone to map activity. Map activity is displayed in Earth view, allowing your investigators to visualize exactly what drivers did at specific times and in specific locations—no more guesswork.

Feature Highlights

  1. Track driver activity
  2. Complaint ticket system
  3. Dropdowns for transit agencies and reasons
  4. Attachments>

Proactive Communications and Notifications

Looking for a way to more effectively communicate with your vehicle operators? With the intuitive Reveal platform, you can send notifications to all levels of your operation. With a simple click of a button, send notifications via SMS, email, and pop-up, giving your staff real-time alerts and notifications about service issues or schedule changes.

Feature Highlights

  1. New trip and cancellation notifications
  2. Daily summary of trips
  3. Instant message notifications