The Benefits of NEMT Automation Software

Non-emergency medical transportation dispatchers connect drivers to patients and healthcare consumers who need transportation services to reach their medical appointments. Some patients do not have a valid driver’s license, a working vehicle, nor are able to travel to hospital clinics themselves. Transportation services are a mandatory requirement under the Medicaid benefits program.

NEMT software providers are required to offer their patients transportation services both to and from the appointment, using the most appropriate form of transportation (ambulance services, wheelchair van, air transport, litter van, stretcher, etc.), and include coverage for all expenses associated with the transportation. NEMT providers operate under their own unique set of circumstances depending on their location.

Compared to the growing cost of healthcare, transportation service is relatively inexpensive. This makes it ideal for transporting a patient who needs preventative care rather than waiting for an emergency situation to arise.

The benefits of NEMT automation

NEMT transportation software has properties that automate certain in-house and outside operations for transportation providers. For instance, automated scheduling and dispatch helps to save time by removing the need for paper-based systems and preparing schedules. NEMT providers are able to book a bundle of trips with incredible fluidity and ease using NEMT automation.

Client and resource management features helps NEMT providers to maintain a complete and accurate database of drivers. Real-time dispatch enables same day scheduling changes, last-minute trip requests, and late-cancellations. The client notification and online booking portal informs back-office immediately when clients book, cancel, or confirm trips using the software. Drivers automatically received scheduling changes and updates through communication with in-vehicle applications and devices.

NEMT software automates electronic data transmissions, thereby improving billing accuracy and compliance with fewer rejected trips. It also helps NEMT dispatches receive faster payments and reimbursements from Medicaid and other contracts.

Other enhancements

NEMT dispatchers benefit from the reduced costs of their operations stemming from the improved efficiency of trip entry and scheduling as well as real-time service monitoring. NEMT software is tailored to the size and scale of a NEMT company, allowing the Company to use the most important features relevant to their particular situation.

NEMT software analyzes daily routes automatically of all non-emergency vehicles in the fleet, identifying spots where last-minute pickups or single-reservations trips can fit into an existing schedule. NEMT software and tools quickly retrieve data that helps users identify the causes of performance issues and prevent future occurrences. Also, with Google Maps integration, drivers are held accountable for following schedules and are given real-time traffic updates for route changes. If a driver is running late for a pickup, the dispatcher can automatically reassign a trip.

NEMT dispatcher’s well-being

NEMT software automation helps dispatchers by alleviating their stress via using the program’s built-in automated scheduling and dispatch features. NEMT dispatchers are also prone to making fewer mistakes due to the intuitive formulas implemented within the software. Also, existing websites, applications, devices, or software may be connected to the new software designed by the NEMT software developer.

Certain NEMT dispatchers have commented that once they clear the initial investment hurdle for installing transportation technology in their operations, the value provided generates efficiency gains that pay for the upfront costs. Another NEMT company representative commented that transportation software automation has impacted the Company’s efficiency in trips, efficiency in schedules, and payroll hours. There is less sitting around waiting for trips. Using the powerful software solutions offered to NEMT dispatchers, some companies have been able to effectively manage their large volume of patients. For these reasons, it is clear to see that transportation automation has the capacity to provide tremendous benefits to NEMT providers.

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